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  1. I’m pretty sure she passed me on the way to Sunday morning services at BJU a few times–and I was walking fast! Exuberant, cheerful, and energetic by nature for sure! Always an encouragement. So glad she is Home, although I thought she would outlive us all.

  2. She was my hospital escort for one of my surgeries. I especially remember how she came to our Music Antiqua Christmas performances, supporting her son who was one of the group.

  3. You will be missed Evelyn. I am so happy that we connected these past 6 years and were able to remember our family “Austin” together. Rest in peace and GOD rest.

  4. I remember first meeting her as a new seminary student from Tacoma, WA. She had such exuberance! I had never seen anything like her and was a little terrified, realizing how inferior I felt. My terror turned into awe and then into love as I came to know her. God give us more Evelyn Matzkos.

  5. I remember her telling us younger women to teach our children the Proverbs and get them to memorize them early. What a godly lady she was!

  6. I loved your mother! She was a ray of sunshine wherever she went. Her zest for living and her winsome ways won the hearts of many!

  7. She was a most delightful person. I always went away feeling uplifted and encouraged. My life is richer because I knew her. She is now in the presence of the Lord. If only we could get a little glimpse, our hearts would rejoice.

  8. So many wonderful memories of visiting Aunt Evelyn and Uncle John in New Jersey. The delicious food (and lots of it) on the table for Sunday dinner. If we were too slow to clean our plate, Aunt Evelyn would stand behind us and shovel it in.
    She was a delightful, joyous Christian woman, and though we did not see her often, the Austin boys will miss her.

  9. She always stood out in a crowd. She lived a full life wherever she was living and made contributions along the way. Although she lived a full and long life, I am sure she will still be missed. What a legacy!

  10. Her testimony and buoyant testimony endeared her to all who knew her. We feel blessed with our memories of her.

  11. To run into her on campus and to chat with her was always a joy. She had such a lovely smile and always made us feel cheered and uplifted after being in her presence.

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